The word tithe means ten percent. In the Scripture, it is always the first ten percent of your gross income - the first and the best. It belongs to the Lord.

Every time you tithe, you acknowledge that God is on the throne, not self and not money. It is a reminder that God is the provider and that all you have is from him. When you tithe, you are demonstrating your trust in God even when things are not going your way. Finally, as you calculate the amount of your tithe, remember how much you have been given. When we remember God’s goodness to us and his many blessings, we put to death the selfish nature in each of us.


Offering The offering is an amount given to God above and beyond the tithe. This act of joyful giving is an outward material expressing of a deeper spiritual commitment, and an indication of a willing, obedient, and grateful heart (II Cor 9:6-15).

Offering or Building Fund

The Tabernacle Offering was created to satisfy our mortgage debt in seven years. During their travel through the wilderness, the Israelites built a Tabernacle for God to dwell in the midst of their temporary campsites. The Tabernacle’s construction was completed using the resources of the people. In a similar manner, the mortgage on our present Tabernacle must be retired by the free will offering of our resources to advance the Kingdom of God. The Tabernacle Offering plan is based on the passage of scripture found in Exodus 25:1-8 whereby the Lord said to Moses, “Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering…” Join us as we seek to aggressively retire this debt.

Thank you for partnering & sowing into this ministry. Your seed makes it possible for this ministry to take word and gift of of Jesus Christ to the world via live streaming broadcasts, mission outreaches,Rachel's House(transitional housing),food bank,& global evangelism projects.

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